Regin Petersen

Soundtrack to Self

Conception for String Quartet


On this page you can find all resources necessary for performing Soundtrack to Self


In addition to the score a soundtrack of spoken instructions is used during rehearsal as well as performance. Audio or video files can be used and can be downloaded further below in various qualities.


Click on links to download material:


Full score and notes


Audio/Video performance material      


A1. audio only - aif                             25,8MB (unzip: 479MB)


A2. audio only – mp3                        6,2MB    (unzip: 58MB)



B1. video – single file full quality   1,49GB  (unzip: 17,3GB)                  Recommended for performance   


B2. video – single file DVD image  245MB  (unzip: 847MB)                  Burn to DVD. Easy to use.


B3. video – independent files         142MB (unzip: 646MB)